Consumer FAQ's

1) What is BidPuppy?
BidPuppy is a website where Consumers can request bids from Service Providers for a variety of services in their immediate local area as well as receive competitive bids. More offers can be obtained in less time than with any other method of finding service professionals. BidPuppy is intended for services that can be bid online.

2) How can I benefit from BidPuppy?
There are numerous benefits, such as:
* No more flipping through the phone book
* Ability to upload pictures to better explain your project
* Request up to 7 bids
* You will not be bothered by phone calls unless you contact a service provider

3) Why use BidPuppy and not the yellow pages?
When using BidPuppy you will receive a bid/estimate online instead of making an appointment and waiting to receive a call. Service Providers contact you instead of you trying to reach them.
However you can also scroll through our directory and choose to contact a member Service Provider.

4) How do I use BidPuppy?
You simply go to the homepage and find the category where your Request a Bid falls. Write a description about your needs and optionally upload photos directly from your computer.

5) Is BidPuppy free?
Yes - Absolutely! The consumer does not have to pay a fee to request and receive bids. Service Providers will pay a minimal fee on a monthly or yearly basis.

6) How many bids should I request?
You can request up to 7 bids for each individual project.

7) Should I accept the lowest bid?
Only accept the lowest bid if you feel comfortable with it. Any bid you receive online from a Service Provider should be followed by a written contract after personal contact has been established.

8) How do I know that the service provider I hire is trustworthy?
BidPuppy highly recommends that you hire a company with the best credentials and not just the service provider with the lowest bid. You can visit for unbiased reports and reviews about service companies. You may also contact The Better Business Bureau, or a reporting agency of your choice.BidPuppy will soon deploy its own rating system, which is strictly structured from customer feedback..

9) Should I meet the Service Provider and get a signed contract or estimate?
Yes - Absolutely! You should always get something in writing regardless of the project size.

10) Can I renegotiate the bid from the one I receive online once I meet the service provider in person?
Not every job can be perfectly estimated online since there may be some variance once personal contact has occurred. If the service provider returns with an amount that is significantly higher, then you may want to contact the next lowest bidder. The bidding process in many industries involves negotiating a fair price. If you are not satisfied with a bid, and the service provider is unwilling to negotiate, then you may wish to move to the next acceptable bid from a different service provider.

11) Should I ask the service provider for references?
BidPuppy recommends that you always obtain references.

12) How many times can I post on BidPuppy?
You can post as many projects as you choose. In fact, we encourage it! Also, if your project does not receive bids or expires, then you may want to reword it and repost it.

13) If I don't find the category I need, can I still request a bid?
Yes, go to the category that is closest to what you need and post under OTHER. Please send us your feedback to request a category which you think should be featured.

14) Does BidPuppy warranty any of the work performed by Service Providers?
No, BidPuppy does not warranty any work. Please ask your Service Providers for warranties prior to starting any work. Additionally, in some industries, it is highly advisable to select Service Providers that are bonded and insured.

15) Should I list my address and phone number when I request a bid?
BidPuppy does not encourage you to list anything personal. Please be as thorough as you can when describing your project, which includes uploading pictures. This process will encourage the service provider to bid the project online instead of just calling you without an estimate. After you receive a bid, you can call any of the Service Providers. Also, if you wish to keep your identity private, be sure that the photos you upload do not have street addresses or identifiable landmarks visible in the photos.

16) Can I contact the Service Provider that responds with a bid other than by email?
Yes, you can contact the Service Providers by any means that you choose. Typically, a Service Provider will state the preferred method of contact in their bid to you.

Provider FAQ's

1) What is BidPuppy?
BidPuppy is a bidding site where Consumers log on to request bids from local Service Providers for a variety of services. Service Providers have the opportunity to search through a list of posted projects in their market and respond directly to the Consumer with a bid from our website.

2) How will I benefit from using BidPuppy?
Here are a few examples:
* Conveniently check for leads online.
* Bid only on jobs or projects you choose.
* Bid on as many projects as you choose. If the project is available to you in your category, you can have a chance at winning the bid.
* No more traveling on bad leads. It is easy to qualify your leads before you send your sales people or estimators out to the potential worksite.
*Create your own profile page, which serves as a mini-web page. You can promote your business along with uploading logos, pictures and video.

3) How much does it cost to join BidPuppy?
BidPuppy will be a free service for a specific period of time. However, we will introduce a paid membership, which will be payable on a monthly or yearly basis. The small membership fee will feature various bidding levels in your registered category.

4) How do I use BidPuppy?
Once registered on our website, you subscribe to categories of services in a region/market, and you can start bidding or request a bid from Consumers. If the Consumer likes your bid and wants to pursue the business relationship, the Consumer is empowered to contact you directly and the rest is up to you.

5) Do I have to pay every time I want to bid?
You will not have to pay for every bid, just register and become a member.

6) Can I bid on more than one project?
Yes - Absolutely! You can bid on as many projects as your company chooses as long as you are a subscriber for each category that you submit a bid.

7) After posting a bid, how do I know if my bid is chosen and accepted?
The Consumer will contact you by email or with a phone call.

8) Can I contact the Consumer other than by email?
We have encouraged Consumers not to give out phone numbers or addresses. You may email the Consumer and ask for a phone call back if you need additional information to bid a project. This process will provide an equal playing field for all Service Providers.

9) Can I change my bid once I see the project in person?
Yes, not everything can be bid online to perfection. You may or may not need to visit the job site to give an accurate quote for the project. However, you can use this tool to qualify or disqualify potential leads submitted earlier on in the sales process, which creates more efficiency in your sales effort. You register with BidPuppy for access to bidding opportunities in your area and field of expertise, and that's it. The rest is up to you and the Consumer.

10) Is BidPuppy responsible for paying me after finishing a job/service?
No, BidPuppy is not responsible for payment on any completed project. Payment arrangements are between the Consumer and the Service Provider and should be stated in a written contract.

11) Can I post bids in other categories?
Yes, as long as your business offers services in those categories and you have paid for BidPuppy subscriptions for the categories you wish to access.

12) Can I advertise on the BidPuppy website?
BidPuppy is offering Service Provider advertising as well as a directory with a listing of all Service Providers.

13) Can my company be rated by BidPuppy?
BidPuppy is developing a rating system for Service Providers. Ratings will be based on
Consumer recommendations and feedback.

14) How large of a project can I place a bid?
The sky is the limit. As long as someone is posting a request for a job that is large. We do not impose any limits on the size of a job. However, keep in mind that not all projects are biddable online.

15) Can I upload pictures?
Yes, you may upload a limited number of photographs of your work, brochure, or even your place of business. If you think photographs help inform the Consumer about your company or skills, then we encourage photo uploading. We want to support your effort to help the Consumer make the right choice. In the near future, we will also offer video capabilities.

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